Artist Growth FAQ

Quick answers to the most common questions.


Who uses Artist Growth?

Our clients range from globally touring arena-level acts all the way to the weekend warriors that are just doing what they love. No matter how many shows you have, you can stay organized and grounded in Artist Growth.

Some of our clients include Jason Aldean, Tiesto, American Authors, Vector Management, Maverick, Red Light Management, Capitol Records, Sony Music Group and more.

Will Artist Growth help me book gigs or find me a manager/agent?

Artist Growth doesn't help you book gigs or find management/representation. However, we will help you become way more organized! We are a music business management platform that allows you to bring all of your contracts, calendars, merch inventory, and more, into one central location. That way you can spend less time trying to track down receipts or upcoming gig info, and more time on what you do best- the music.

If you’re seeking artist representation, we recommend attending local networking events in your area to connect with agents and managers.

Do you have a mobile app?

We have a mobile AND a desktop app! Our apps allow you to work on and offline, syncing to the cloud anytime you are connected to wifi. We are accessible on Android and iOS (mobile), and on PC and Mac (desktop).

Check them out here:

Mobile for iOS

Mobile for Android

Desktop for Mac

Desktop for PC

Can I use AG offline?

Yep! Via our mobile or desktop apps, you can access your Artist Growth data without an internet connection. Our apps will show you the most recent updates from the last time you were connected to the internet. Any changes that you make while offline will sync to the cloud for the rest of your team to see as soon as you reconnect to WiFi.

If you would like to access Artist Growth from a web browser (, you’ll need to be connected via WiFi or a data signal.

How does pricing work?

Artist Growth only charges users that manage data. A contributor subscription allows a user to add or edit data for any artist on the account.  Unlimited “view-only” users, who can view any data that you give them permission to see, can always be added at no charge.

The account owner is automatically considered a “contributor” and can give contributor access to anyone that they would like. The account owner controls what information users can see and/or edit.

More pricing information can be found here.

What if I can’t afford it right now?

Our mission is to take the stress out of your music business management. We’d love to talk to you and explore some options together if our pricing model doesn’t work for you right now. When you fill out our Get Started form, you’ll be able to set up a time to chat with our specialist who can introduce you to our Emerging Artist Subsidy Program.

I currently use Master Tour. Is Artist Growth the same thing?

Nope. Master Tour is specifically designed for the needs of touring crew and production members. Users of their system may be fulfilling their tour management needs, but often need to use different platforms to connect with their booking agent, management, label, and other non-touring team members.

Artist Growth, on the other hand, offers a cloud-based platform approach that is designed for the entire ecosystem of an artist. We pride ourselves on designing the most advanced, yet still accessible tool for your whole team, including: artist, production, tour manager, crew, band members, travel and booking agents, artist manager, label executives, publishers, and many, many more.

Is your Merch feature the same as atVenu?

As far as managing your inventory, nightly counts, and automated settlements, you’ll feel just at home with Artist Growth as with atVenu. We don’t currently provide algorithmic predictions that you would see in atVenu’s "Merch IQ" tier or offer sales reporting.

But, the math still works in your favor: The monthly payment to use atVenu to submit to Soundscan is $10. Their monthly fee for the counts & settlement feature is $60/mo per user. The merch features in Artist Growth are included in your subscription, so even if you still pay them $10/mo to submit to Soundscan, you still save money by using Artist Growth for your counts and settlement.

Who owns my data once it's entered in Artist Growth?

You do. End of story. It's your business, and it's your data. We don't sell it and we never share it. We lock it down and keep it safe and accessible just for you.

How secure is my information on Artist Growth?

We adhere to the most rigid and secure practices to ensure the highest security of your data. Our software platform runs on Amazon Web Services where we leverage the latest tools and services provided by Amazon Cloud Security. We have also invested in additional security infrastructure to satisfy the requirements of our enterprise partnerships and integrations. We have passed Pinnacle Financial Partners bank security audit in support of our AGFinance Tour Funding partnership. We also passed the security requirements for both WME and Paradigm talent agencies in support of our API live integration with their booking systems.

When establishing an account, the account owner decides which team members to invite and their level of access to data. Our tiered user permissions provide you with granular control over who is able to add, edit, or view any information on your account. Account owners can remove team members at any time to revoke their access to account data.

I’m located outside of the U.S. Does the Artist Growth platform still work for me?

Yes, Artist Growth works everywhere! We only service the USD currently but our international clients haven’t found it an issue. This would mostly impact international customers who want to use Artist Growth’s finance features, such as expense tracking and non-USD revenue. All other features, such as tour calendar and guest list management, will still serve you well.

I’m a booking agent/venue manager. What’s in it for me?

Everyone uses Artist Growth a little differently. A lot of our clients have been able to tweak, turn, and flip Artist Growth on its side to best fit their own company’s and team’s needs. For agencies, you’ll find value in our roster calendar/map and engagement section. We work with agencies to integrate our APIs together so all information can be centralized on the Artist Growth platform. For venue bookers, you can keep track of your upcoming shows, marketing information, guest lists, and more, all on Artist Growth. Still need help envisioning? Reach out to us via the Get Started form and we’ll help personalize the Artist Growth experience that’s right for you.

I want a demo account. Can you get me one?

Once you fill out the Get Started form, one of our team members will be reaching out to discuss your needs with the platform. If we’re the right fit for what you’re looking for, they’ll give you a very thorough walkthrough of Artist Growth- we are big fans of share-screen meetings. This will allow you to watch a team member demo the platform live, ask any questions, and figure out how to best utilize Artist Growth for your business or artist. After you’ve signed on, we have an extremely knowledgeable (they eat, sleep, and breathe this stuff) customer service and on-boarding team that will walk you through any questions you have to ensure you’re utilizing Artist Growth to its full potential.

Can Artist Growth provide financial support for my album/tour/fundraiser?

We love seeing artists hustle to make their dreams come true and want you to succeed. As such, in 2018 we announced the release of AGFinance, which allows artists to apply for an advance based on their tour guarantees. The advance allows you to use the money for any music business related costs, like studio time or upgrading your touring gear. It allows you to get the money you need for your business without giving up your publishing rights or worrying about personal credit checks.

Artists must have an Artist Growth account to apply. Check out for more info.

How can I submit feedback?

You can reach out to our team via the chat box on the website (bottom right-hand corner), which will get you to one of our Customer Success team members.  They’ll be happy to listen to your feedback and submit a request on your behalf to the Artist Growth development team.

Can I be a beta tester?

Thanks for wanting to make our app better! Currently, all of our releases go through multiple reviews by our team, so we are not currently seeking out beta testers.

Are you hiring?

Please see this page for hiring announcements:


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