A new standard.

Artist Growth combines artist roster management, tour management and tour funding in one cloud-based software platform -- moving artist management & touring into the future.




Artist Growth modernizes tour management, roster management, real-time event notifications and collaboration across the entire tour ecosystem.

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Use your contracted guarantees to borrow the cash you need to advance shows or upgrade your tour vehicle.

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Bringing together the touring ecosystem. Our APIs enable data connectivity, such as real-time agency booking updates, live royalty submissions, and more.

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Evolving the Entertainment Ecosystem

One hub that links your entire team and all your touring information with real-time sharing, extreme data security, custom access permissions from any device, for any team of any size.

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A few of the companies who have artists that use Artist Growth

Artist Growth is a game-changer.
Artist Growth has been an integral tool in our success. It makes managing Luke’s tour operations so much easier.
Our productivity is off the charts.
Artist Growth makes our lives so much easier. We can get any information on our artists, at our fingertips.
Artist Growth saves me tons of time. I love it.
Artist Growth is the hub for everything we do. I wouldn't be able to keep it all straight without it.
Artist Growth is so ingrained in our touring that it's really become the centerpiece of communication for our team.
For Tours

Artists, bands, tour managers, managers

Any size tour.
Any size team.

Keep the road connected to the office. Artist Growth is the business system for artists.

For Organizations

Music Management Companies, Agencies and Labels

Focus strategy.
Streamline tactics.

Tracking teams globally is finally efficient. Welcome to the future of managing your roster, staff and logistics.

For Finance

Managers and Business Managers

Access Capital. Drive Growth.

In today’s industry artists should always be able to access the money they need to invest in their business. AGFinance brings all touring artists fast and streamlined path to capital.