What is Tour Management Software?

Tour management software provides artist teams all the information they need to run a modern and professional music tour. The software is used to coordinate pre-tour scheduling, show advancing, tour logistics, and all associated finances. All of this information can be hosted online, to provide artist management, public relations, promoters, and record label teams one place to collaborate with the tour team.



Who Uses Tour Management Software?

This type of platform is used by all those who are on the road, from the band, their team and families, the tour manager, the production crew, all the way to the bus and truck drivers. For crew support, users include the travel agent, day-to-day manager, artist manager, business manager, agent, and record label marketing and promotion teams.

How is a Tour Planned with this Software?

As the primary source of income for artists, touring has become key to maintaining a successful music business strategy. Tour planning and advancing shows have become more complex and involve a large number of people across several organizations. First in this process is to receive real-time updates of tentative and confirmed shows from the booking agent into a centralized tour calendar. The tour team then books hotels, transportation, and hospitality. The management staff connects with concert venues and promoters, plans and ships merchandise, and coordinates marketing plans to help sell the show. All of this information is updated in one central calendar, where real-time “push notifications” can keep the entire team up to date at all times with inevitable and frequent changes to the daysheet.


Key Features


Streamline planning and advance shows


Execute faster with real-time notifications


Track all road revenues, expenses, and budgets


Increase productivity by eliminating redundant work


What are the Benefits of a Centralized Tour Calendar?

Until now, the tour management world did not have the benefits of a centralized tour calendar, and artist managers, agents, and record labels did not have access to a roster calendar that centralizes their artists' tours. Each team managed their own calendar - the artist teams on a per-tour basis, the management company on a roster level, the record label on a global calendar. Even booking agencies relied on their own platforms. None of these systems were integrated, so there was always a constant stream of calls, texts, and emails to keep everyone updated. Modern tour management platforms today have the ability to maintain a central tour calendar available online for all team members in the artist’s ecosystem to view. This means that everyone involved in the tour is able to see the same calendar, with real-time updates.

What is the Importance of Real-Time Notifications?

Planning and executing professional tours is a highly complex operation involving several people across multiple organizations. One of the key features of modern music tour management software is real-time notifications. This starts with an integration between the agency’s booking system and the tour software to ensure that the latest updates are being received from the agent. During the tour, new performance dates are being added and confirmed bookings are being advanced. Having a central hub pushing notifications to all kinds of devices can make a big difference in keeping everyone executing their duties relating to tour efficiently and effectively.


What You Should Expect:

  • Efficiency and Collaboration
    Through a central online tour calendar updated in real-time, you can manage all event logistics across the tour team, including management, agency, publicist, and label.

  • Accuracy and Convenience
    By having all tour information in one place online, the latest updates are accessible through any device by anyone, at any time. That includes calendar events, daysheet schedule items, travel arrangements, booking details, and stage production activities.

  • Save time, stay sane
    Manage guest lists and ticket requests from any device, including the phone in your pocket. As you approve requests from your phone, your guests & VIPs get notified automatically with ticket pick-up information, and labels are updated in real-time, ready to print at the venue.



Can I manage Merchandise with Tour Management Software?

Your tour management software should have a merch application with it. This will allow you to create product lines and associate them with any of the events you’ve created. From there you’ll be able to track inventory, calculate dollar-per-head, artist/venue splits, and associated taxes. The merch application will allow you to settle shows from anywhere on any device.