• Track and Analyze Your Business

    Record all transactions, and then discover the patterns in your business. Use our intuitive analytics to maximize the reach of your music. Then prove your success to venues, managers, and labels alike.

  • Schedule and Manage Events

    Let our event tool keep every gig running smoothly. Set up reminders for tasks before each show, see your whole tour at once, and keep track of finances as you manage them through our seamless interface.

  • Collect Your Royalties from Live Performances

    Use our partnership with BMI to earn the most from every gig. Submit your setlists through our Playlists tool and collect your royalties.

  • Track your Finances and Inventory

    Build the portfolio of your history as a working artist. Enter your merch sales, tour expenses, and revenues every day. It takes seconds, and if you capture everything, you will quickly build the information history that's required to create partnerships with the professionals you need to move your career forward.

  • Manage Team Permissions and Assign Tasks

    Communicate with your band and automate your task reminders. Bring everyone together easily so you can all get back to your music quickly. Be organized, be carefree.