Software Updates: Web


Version 11.2.0


Enhanced subscription management.

Improvements and Fixes.
This release includes bug fixes.


  • We have enhanced subscription management within the app (Braintree)!

  • Account owners can easily manage payment methods for contributor subscriptions in one place

  • Multiple payment methods can be added, including most major credit cards and PayPal

  • Individual contributor subscriptions can be managed from your Teams page

Bug Fixes

  • Travel and accommodation items now display arrival times correctly

  • Links to older self-signup pages are removed


Version 10.2.0


Improvements and Fixes.
This release includes bug fixes.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolves an issue where merchandise comps totals were not being updated as values were entered


Version 9.2.0

Released September 13, 2018


Event and Notification Management.
Enhanced events features including custom locations and event permissions.

Enhancements to third-party APIs including Bandsintown information display.

Improvements and Fixes.
Event, permissions, and guest list display fixes.


  • Custom locations are now available in web, mobile and desktop applications!

  • Users can enter custom locations for events, in any field that a venue or location can be searched from Google places by simply selecting the ‘Use Custom Location’ function

  • The ‘Tentative Event’ permission has been updated to indicate ‘View’ instead of ‘Manage’ functionality, to make this more intuitive for users managing roles and team members

  • Users will now receive feedback when inviting new team members that have an email address that matches a pending invite, or for an existing user already set up on the artist’s team

  • Changed the wording on Bandsintown imported events to display the Bandsintown event title name

  • Enhanced our venue API to allow third-party event IDs to be received

  • Removed user information fields for AGFinance from the roster view, and the ‘What’s This’ link now redirects the user to the AGFinance page on the marketing site

Bug Fixes

  • Transportation and accommodation schedule items are now showing in mobile and desktop apps

  • Permission sets now display correctly when editing a team member’s role

  • The date on the printed Guest Pass labels is now showing correctly for all day events


Version 8.2.0

Released August 9, 2018


Roster Calendar.
Expanded user access.

Improvements and Fixes.
Fixes to merch and financial applications.


  • Roster calendar is now available for all users that view or manage Events

  • Accommodation check-in and check-out times are now defaulted to normal times (3pm for check-in, 11am for check-out)

Bug Fixes

  • Shows can now be settled in Tour Merch where the show includes media merch types with sold counts and a media tax applied

  • Cancelled events are now included in the Financial Ledger export, along with a “Status” column showing the status of an event, such as “Confirmed” or “Cancelled”


Version 7.2.2

Released July 24, 2018


Role-Based Permissions.
Expanded depth and breadth of team management through permissions.


  • We have added a new space in your Teams management area where you can manage your Roles and permissions

  • Six default roles with preset permissions will be available for you to help easily and quickly update your users

  • New roles can also be created and added to your list, with any combination of permissions

  • The count of all team members assigned to a particular role is displayed, and roles cannot be deleted as long as there are team members assigned to it

  • Intuitive labelling has been added for roles, as well, so that you can easily identify whether a role is contributor or read-only

  • Team members can be assigned to a role instead of specific permissions


Version 7.2.1

Released July 17, 2018


Calendar Enhancements.
Expanded schedule and calendar item management.

Improvements and Fixes.
Fixed Heathrow Airport code.


  • Deleted Schedule items (schedule items, flight, ground, and accommodations) are showing in the Roster and Artist Activity Feeds, as well as push notifications are sent for this activity

  • Roster Activity Feed now has pagination

  • Bookings calendar Excel export is now dynamic with the calendar filters, exporting events that fall only within the filtered artists, market, event type, event status and date range

Bug Fixes

  • Flights using ‘Heathrow Airport’ now show the correct airport code for the airport name on the Schedule view and Daysheet


Version 7.2.0

Released July 5, 2018


Improvements and Fixes.
Fixes to events and guest ticket requests.

Bug Fixes

  • Artist events and guest list ticket requests are now displaying when a user has 'Create Ticket Requests' permissions for that artist, while having 'Manage Ticket Requests' permissions for another artist


Version 6.2.0

Released June 10, 2018


New Activity Feed.
Addition of new Activity Feed and event notifications.

Event Management Enhancements.
Enhancement to event creation. Added event visibility for guest list.

Calendar Enhancements.
Ability to view by Year

Improvement and Fixes.
Fixes to event filtering


  • Users can now see their team’s activity on the new artist dashboard layout, as well as for their roster

    • Activity Feed is updated when new events are added, cancelled, status changes and schedule items are added or changed

    • Includes easy-to-view labels for activity items

    • Notifications drop-down list indicates when new items are available

    • Displays activity for all users on a team

    • Includes links to Event details and displays most current activity first

    • Date and time stamps on the items in the activity feed allow users to see when activity was completed by a user

  • We have added a ‘Year’ option for the artist Events calendar view, along with print capabilities for this view

  • Users will now be redirected to the Event details page after creating an event

  • Users can now view the event title in the Event drop-down list when requesting a ticket from the Guest List

Bug Fixes

  • Users with permissions only to view an artist’s Dashboard can now see the artist dashboard

  • The Artist dashboard now shows the correct event type icon on the Events calendar

  • Ledger totals now include cancelled event Expenses and Projected Revenue

  • New Ledger Category values are now available for all artists

  • Start dates prior to event end dates are no longer allowed to be saved when creating or editing an event


Version 5.2.0

Released May 14, 2018


Improvement and Fixes.
This update includes bug fixes for accounts, time zones and roster calendar

Bug Fixes

  • Zip codes are now saved within a user profile

  • "Invalid Date" no longer displays after adding a schedule item with 12:00am time selection to a Template

  • Templates applied to event Schedules no longer convert a 12:00am schedule item time to the event Start time

  • Events with different time zones now show up in the Tour Merch area when the dates of the events fall within the selected Tour dates

  • The mouse scrollwheel or trackpad now scrolls through the list of events in roster calendar Map view

  • The roster calendar Map no longer disappears when clicking 'Back' browser button from viewing an event’s Daysheet


Version 2.2.0

Released February 15, 2018


Calendar Management.
Added ability to view calendar for artist roster

Event Management.
Enhancement for travel accommodations. Enhancement for event removal. Added sorting for merchandise

Enhancement for ledger export

Improvements and Fixes.
This update includes a bug fix for tour merch


  • Roster calendar for web application is now available

  • Apparel sizes now display as smallest to largest

  • Passengers and guests now have their own specific confirmation number field for travel and accommodations.

  • Ground transportation titles now display on the day sheet

  • The csv export on the Financial Ledger now displays all data associated with a transaction

  • You can now delete all repeating events in a series

Bug Fixes

  • Print view fixed for merch for a specific show


Version 1.11.1

Released November 22, 2017


Guest List.
Enhanced event listing

Enhanced ledger view

Improvements and Fixes.
This update includes bug fixes for ticket requests, calendars, member invitations, merchandise and automated emails


  • The financial ledger filter now defaults to  current month

  • We have added a new “Jump To” month feature on the artist-level guest list

  • For ticket requests from the artist level guest, the events dropdown now displays events starting with current date going forward

Bug Fixes

  • A ticket request group can now be changed to “no group”

  • The PDF calendar export now reflects filters

  • Users who sign up but do not complete onboarding and then accept a team member invite are no longer presented with onboarding

  • Tour merch counts carryover fixed

  • Payment confirmation emails from are no longer being sent


Version 1.11.0

Released November 2, 2017


Improvements and Fixes.
This update is a bug fix

Bug Fixes

  • Time zone on mobile app now matches time zone on desktop app

  • Users can now sign up for a new account through mobile browser

  • Ground travel is no longer appearing as flight in mobile app

  • Merch Deal Info is now saving

  • “Next” Button in daily event view now works properly

  • E-mail settings are now saving correctly