Software Updates: Apps


Version 1.21.0

Ability to add and edit promo events.

Guest List.
Enhanced ticket request and pass counts.

Improvements & Fixes.
This update includes bug fixes for roster calendar performance, event finances, roster images, Daysheet download, Favorite buttons, and notifications.


  • You can now create and edit promotional event requests as on the web app.

  • The guest list summary views will now include the number of passes in addition to tickets.

Bug Fixes

  • We've made some additional performance enhancements for the roster calendar.

  • You should now see the correct list of events when editing a financial transaction.

  • (Mobile) We've made additional changes to address missing artist images on the roster.

  • (Android) We've fixed an issue with the daysheet download on certain Android versions.

  • (Desktop) The favorite buttons on the roster should work correctly again.

  • (Windows) The daysheet download should now work correctly.

  • (Windows) You should now be able to click the "OK" button on toast messages.


Version 1.20.0


Enhanced daysheet download; ability to add event notes to the day view; improved schedule items display

Guest List.
Enhanced ticket request required fields

Improvements & Fixes.
This update includes bug fixes for the Deal Info tab, event dates, event note formatting, desktop editing and attachment downloads


  • You can now download the daysheet from the details screen for an event. This can be found on the new "actions" button in the header.

  • You can now view and manage day notes on the Day View.

  • Unscheduled travel and accommodations will now appear in all Day View sections.

  • The Affiliation and Pick Up Location fields on ticket requests are no longer mandatory.

Bug Fixes

  • We've made some changes to the Deal Info tab to match the behavior of the web app.

  • If an event ends in a different month or year from when it started, both values will now be displayed.

  • The formatting of notes should match the web app more closely.

  • (desktop) We've fixed a bug that could cause the event editing form to lock up.

  • (desktop) The download button on attachments should now work correctly.


Version 1.19.1


Improvements & Fixes.
This update primarily focuses on performance improvements and minor bug fixes

Bug Fixes

  • Long artist names should no longer hide the "favorite" button.

  • (mobile) We've resolved an issue that could cause the activity feed to stop working after scrolling.

  • (mobile) The roster calendar should now be more useable on smaller screens.

  • Numerous performance enhancements.


Version 1.19


Enhanced event types for ‘Festival’ selection.

Enhanced with favorites selection.


  • You now have the option to specify that a performance event is a "Festival". Events that are marked as festivals will filter separately on the roster calendar.

  • We've added support for the upcoming "Special Event" event type. The option may not be available immediately.

  • You can now view and manage your favorite artists as on the web app.


Version 1.18


Enhanced travel and accommodation entry.

Improvements & Fixes.
This release includes bug fixes for event timezones, repeating events and dates


  • You can now enter travel and accommodations without specifying a time. These "unscheduled" travel items will be hidden from the event's schedule by default.

Bug Fixes

  • Events that span multiple days will no longer appear to take up an extra day on the event details screen.

  • We resolved some sync issues when editing repeating events.

  • The timezone field is now correctly disabled when editing an event without a venue.


Version 1.17.1


Enhanced roster calendar for mobile

Optimized date selectors, enhanced email and role types.

Improvements & Fixes.
Tthis update includes bug fixes for future date selection, travel items, read activity feed items, and cancelled events.


  • We have optimized the date pickers for your events and schedule items!

  • ‘Work’ is now the default option for email type within your Contacts

  • You can now add ‘Other’ as a role type for your Contacts

  • We have enhanced the roster calendar

  • You will now be notified when a team member account needs attention

Bug Fixes

  • You can now select future years for travel dates

  • Ground transportation should no longer show “Carrier TBD”

  • The unread activity count should update itself correctly again

  • Cancelled events should no longer appear in the roster calendar


Version 1.17.0


Enhanced roster calendar for mobile

Events Management.
Enhanced text copy; enhanced passenger selection.

Improvements & Fixes.
This update includes bug fixes for Finances and Deal info tabs, URL redirects, guest list management and button selection


  • (Mobile) The roster calendar is now available! It can be accessed by choosing the "Calendar" tab or menu item without any artists selected. You can back out of an artist by using the back arrow above the artist's picture in the menu.

  • (Mobile) You can now select and copy the text in your notes fields.

  • When adding passengers to your travel items, you now have the option to prefill the form with your team members.

Bug Fixes

  • Managing your guest list after viewing an event from the calendar or activity feed should now work correctly.

  • Ticket scaling items that have no price or quantity will no longer cause the Deal Info tab to crash.

  • (Mobile, Windows) We resolved an issue that could cause the finances tab to crash with a black or white screen.

  • (Mobile) Links that are entered into notes fields should now do what you expect when tapped.

  • (iOS) We've resolved an issue that caused taps to be off target after logging in on iOS 12.


Version 1.16.1


Improvements & Fixes.
This update is a bug fix.

Bug Fixes

  • We've addressed some performance issues with the Activity Feed, especially for users with large rosters.

  • We resolved an issue that could prevent the Finances screen from loading.


Version 1.16.0


Enhanced roster menu to include calendar option.


  • The new roster calendar is now available! It can be accessed by choosing the "Calendar" menu item without any artists selected.

  • You can back out of an artist by using the back arrow above the artist's picture in the menu


Version 1.15.3

Released October 15, 2018


Improvements and Fixes.
This update is a bug fix.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolves an issue that could cause invalid timezone information to be saved while working with events, transportation or hotels


Version 1.15.2

Released September 2018


Improvements and Fixes.
This update is a bug fix.

Bug Fixes

  • The user-specified timezone will now be saved correctly with custom locations


Version 1.15.0

Released August 6, 2018


Event Management.
Enhanced link between notifications and events. Added ability to assign custom locations to events.

Improvements and Fixes.
Fixes to event views.


  • Tapping on a push notification will now bring you to the associated event

  • You can now assign a custom location to your events, schedule items, and contacts

  • Guest pass types that you've customized in the web app will now appear correctly

Bug Fixes

  • We've addressed some behavior issues with the timezone selector

  • The Day View should be more reliable in cases where your schedule items and events don't fall on the same day


Version 1.14.2

Released July 9, 2018


Improvements and Fixes.
fixes to events and attachments.

Bug Fixes

  • The map, call, and website buttons for events work correctly again

  • Ability to open non-image attachments again


Version 1.14.0

Released July 3, 2018


Event Management.
Enhanced activity updates for deleted items

Document Management.
Enhanced uploading of files

Improvements and Fixes.
Fixes to event filtering


  • You'll now receive activity updates and notifications when event-related items are deleted

  • You can now upload all of the same file types that are permitted on the web app

  • We'll now remember the names of files you've attached

  • You now have the opportunity to rename your attachments before they are uploaded

  • You can now download attachments in the desktop app. Attachments will be saved to your Downloads folder

  • We've removed the built-in photo capture feature from the desktop app. You should get better results by using the tools provided by macOS/Windows

  • After creating a new event, you'll be taken directly to that event's details

Bug Fixes

  • The event menu will now correctly filter its contents


Version 1.13.0

Released June 13, 2018


Event Management.
Enhanced link between notifications and events. Added ability to view push notifications


  • You can now view an activity feed for important changes to your artist’s events, who completed them, and when - all in one place!

  • See when events are created, cancelled or have changed status

  • See when items on your schedule (schedule line items, accommodations or transportation) are added or edited, if those changes have been made within 72 hours before or 24 hours after the start of the event

  • Allow push notifications from the Artist Growth app and you will be alerted to new activity


Version 1.12.7

Released May 31, 2018


Event Management.
Enhancement to ticket requests


  • New events will no longer contain a default number of guest tickets


Version 1.12.5

Released May 14, 2018


Improvements and Fixes.
This update is a bug fix.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue that prevented clearing the values for venue capacity or the number of available guest tickets to an event


Version 1.12.4

Released April 14, 2018


Improvements and Fixes.
This update is a bug fix.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue that prevented the user from creating a new repeating event


Version 1.12.2

Released April 4, 2018


Device Support.
Enhancements to display on larger devices. Added ability to refresh pages easier.

Improvements and Fixes.
Includes optimization and general bugs.


  • We’ve made significant improvements to the user experience on iPad

  • We’ve improved the display of travel-related items in your schedules

  • We’ve improved our iPhone X support a notch

  • Pull-to-refresh has been added to the accommodation and transportation detail pages

  • The event capacity will no longer vanish after editing it

Bug Fixes

  • General bug fixes and optimizations


Version 1.11.0

Released March 1, 2018


Event Management.
Enhancement of travel accommodations


  • When creating or editing travel accommodations, you may now assign a confirmation number per guest or passenger


Version 1.10.0

Released Feb 1, 2018


Device Support.
Optimization for larger devices

Offline support. Added ledger categories

Improvements and Fixes.
this is an update for travel accommodations


  • The correct categories will now display when creating a new financial transaction

  • Improved the behavior of finances when working offline

  • Improved behavior when working across multiple devices

  • Improved support for larger screens

  • Improved support for iPhone X

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue that would prevent editing travel items from a schedule

  • Resolved an issue with travel items displaying the incorrect time zone


Version 1.9.0

Released Jan 9, 2018


Finance Management.
Enhancement for Finances access. Added ledger management and budget overviews.


  • Now get the big financial picture wherever you are, even offline

  • Add and edit all expenses and revenue transactions

  • Filter the financial ledger by date, projected or actualized status, or revenue and expenses

  • Quickly see your MTD and YTD snapshot

  • Add, edit and track budgets from your phone


Version 1.8.33

Released November 15, 2017


Event Management.
Enhanced schedule and travel accommodations


  • Schedule items will now display the correct time zone

  • Ground transportation will no longer attempt to display flight details

  • We made some system improvements to support an upcoming feature


Version 1.8.3

Released November 1, 2017


Device Support.
Optimized session timeout

Event Management.
Enhanced schedule items

Improvements and Fixes.
This update includes a bug fix


  • If your session becomes invalid, the app will now correctly handle it

  • We made some improvements to the experience of editing schedule items

  • We made some tweaks for upcoming features

Bug Fixes

  • We fixed an issue that prevented saving a contact without an address


Version 1.8.2

Released October 20, 2017


Event Management.
Enhanced Contacts management. Enhanced event details. Enhanced ticket requests.


  • You can now save your contacts again! And while you’re in there, you can edit their addresses

  • The ‘Guarantee’ field will now show when creating a new event, if appropriate

  • You can now edit the number of guests for an event

  • We’ve made a number of updates under the hood to prepare for upcoming features


Version 1.8.1

Released October 15, 2017


Data Synchronization.
Enhanced UI support

Event Management.
Enhanced schedule items. Enhanced event times. Enhanced event details.


  • The UI will now consistently indicate that items need to be synced

  • When a schedule item start time is TBD, it is now saved that way

  • Artist comps and holds are now initialized correctly when empty

  • Required fields now make you enter something that isn’t whitespace. No cheating!

  • End times of events and schedule items are now adjusted correctly when the start time changes.

  • Timezones are now handled properly when editing travel arrival/departure times

  • Timezones are now handled properly when editing accommodation check-in/check-out times

  • Viewing a month’s events now always gets all of the events that happen that month

  • Guarantee and capacity are not visible for event types where they don’t make sense


Version 1.8.0

Released October 1, 2017


Event Management.
Optimized event editing and data synchronization

Improvement and Fixes.
This update includes bug fixes


  • It’s been a long time coming and we’re proud to finally enable editing for all of your event details, online or offline! Any changes that you make while offline will be sent to the server the next time you use the app online.

  • Your event schedule will now much more closely reflect the event schedule that you see on the website

Bug Fixes

  • We’ve found and fixed several minor issues, and made changes to improve your overall experience