Product Update: User Roles


Team Permissions Made Simpler.

Head to an artist's Team section to see User Roles in action.

Head to an artist's Team section to see User Roles in action.


We understand that no two teams are the same. You may have a small crew where each member wears multiple hats, or a bigger team in which everyone has very specific tasks. Getting your team members the right permissions shouldn't be complicated, which is why we're making it even easier than before.

Permissions for team members will now be assigned via User Roles. You can create a specific set of custom permissions, name that set, and apply it to one, two, or multiple, users. You can also use any of our 6 pre-created (and editable!) roles to get started.

Contributor vs. View-only

Any roles that include a "manage" permission is considered a “Contributor.”  This means, quite literally, that person can “contribute” to the management/editing of data for some part of your team’s data.  You’ll also see a contributor label on team members’ profiles that have this level of permission.  Roles with no “manage” permission will be labeled “View-only.”

What about my current custom permissions?

If your team has a user with permissions that match one our provided default roles, they will automatically be assigned that role. For all other permission sets, AG will create a new role for you and name it. You can then go in and edit the name and any permissions so that it works best for your team.