Artist Growth partners with Rising Star Travel to revolutionize tour-related booking


New travel booking feature will streamline process for artist teams

Nashville, TN (July 10, 2018) — Artist Growth, the entertainment industry’s leading artist-management platform, has joined forces with Rising Star Travel, a full-service agency specializing in tour-related bookings, to perfect the travel booking and scheduling experience for artist’s teams. The new partnership integrates Rising Star’s expertise directly into the Artist Growth platform, allowing tour managers, agents and managers to save time and streamline the logistics planning of a tour.

“We live in a world today where repetitive, manual data entry doesn’t have to exist,” says Matt Urmy, Artist Growth’s founder and Chief Strategy Officer. “We designed our platform so companies like Rising Star could integrate with us and help push our industry toward efficiency. Our two companies share a dedication to customer service and a passion for supporting artists on their journeys. This partnership is a perfect example of where we are taking the touring ecosystem. 

"Customer service has always been the cornerstone of Rising Star Travel,” adds Shannon Radel, CEO of Rising Star Travel. “Our integration with the Artist Growth platform will elevate our already-top-notch service delivery to levels unmatched anywhere in the touring artist industry.  Touring managers and artist team members will no longer have to manage multiple, unrelated apps for different components of their tours.  Travel and other tour-related scheduling will now be seamlessly integrated to allow the artist team more time to do what they do best: deliver their product."

"These kinds of integrations are exactly what our industry needs,” says CHIEF, Manager and Owner of Big Loud / Maverick. “Anything that streamlines the flow of information for our teams adds tremendous value. Combine the power of this technology with the level of customer service we get, and it's a no brainer."

Artist teams now will be able to automatically generate schedules that can be shared across the entire team. This simplified process will save time and decrease repetitive manual data entry, since all travel booked through Rising Star will sync directly into Artist Growth. With the integration, teams don’t have to be established Rising Star clients to take advantage of the new system: Any travel agency or individual can access Rising Star’s booking app to streamline planning and make travel more efficient.  

The integration of Rising Star Travel  is being completed this month and is expected to launch in the fourth quarter of 2018. For more information, please visit

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