Product Update: Custom Pass Types and Locations


We just launched two new customizable features to better fit your team’s needs.

Custom Guest List Pass Types

When requesting tickets for an event, team members also have the ability to request guest list passes. While Artist Growth already offered seven different pre-set pass types, one of the main pieces of feedback we received was that you wanted more customization with these passes.

You can now create, rename, and abbreviate your own pass types! This is a great feature for teams that have specific types of guest passes unique to their tour. The pass types will also be reflected everywhere guest lists are managed and exported.

To Create A Pass Type: Head to the “Settings” section within your artist’s account, and select “Guest Lists.” By clicking the pencil icon, you’ll be able to reorder, rename, and even delete pass types you don’t need. Clicking the + icon will allow you to add a new pass type if you have less than seven pass types available.

Note about deleting: If you’ve already assigned that pass type in the past (let’s say Press), you won’t be able to delete it. You can, however, rename it to something new (ex. TV and Media). It will update to your new title where “Press” would have shown before- in the Guest Lists section and within the Guest Lists of events, whether those events have happened or not.


Custom Location Fields

Artist Growth is already integrated with Google Places to help you find common locations quickly- just start typing and it will auto-populate. But what about the locations that Google Places doesn’t recognize?

Our new Custom Locations feature allows you to manually enter your venue address. This could include an outdoor concert at a street intersection, a specific hall of a giant conference center, or even your Airbnb guest house.

To Use Custom Locations: Select the button “Use Custom Location” wherever you would enter an address in Artist Growth. Since this is a manual entry, double check your spelling and address so that your team heads to the right location. When you’re done, select the timezone. Voila!

Bonus: Offline Entry

If you find yourself constantly on the go, you'll be pleased to know that Custom Locations allows you to save event locations while offline, since you don't need to be connected to wifi to enter the address. Just manually enter the time zone next to these locations to ensure your whole team is on the same page.


Log in now to try both of these new features out!