Blog: Artist Growth's Top Picks for Vinyl


There's no doubt that streaming is the most popular form of music consumption today, but you've probably noticed that vinyl is making a comeback- and no small comeback at that. In fact, vinyl LPs are the best thing to happen to physical album sales in the last 15 years.

While speaking at the 2018 Music Biz conference, David Bakula (SVP Industry Insights, Nielsen Entertainment) reported that 19% of all physical album sales in 2018 (so far) were from vinyl sales. That's compared to 1% of all sales in 2010. 23% of the vinyl record sales in 2018 are categorized as rock and roll, the lead genre to be sold in this revisited format.

So we asked around the office: What's your #1 album to listen to on vinyl? Check out our choices below, and let us know your pick in the comments! 


Artist Growth's Top Picks for Vinyl:

David, Developer: Weird Al Yankovic - "Apocalypse"

Lee Beth, Design: Patrick Watson - "Close to Paradise"

Miki, Office Manager: "The Drifter's - Golden Hits"

Pete, Sales: ACDC - "Highway to Hell"

Eric, Developer: Led Zeppelin - "III"

Matt BP, Account Management: J.B. Lenoir - "Alabama Blues!"

Casey, Developer: Devo - "Freedom of Choice"

Firas, CEO: Rolling Stones - "Exile on Main Street"

Henry, Intern: King Crimson - "Discipline"

Joseph, Sales: Wolfgang Voigt’s - "Gas Box Set"

Stef, Project Manager: Liz Phair - "Whip Smart"

Hameed, Developer: Yes - "Drama"

Taylor, Marketing: Andy Shauf - "The Party"

Lisa, Support: Donny Hathaway - "Donny Hathaway"

Josh, CFO: Pearl Jam - "Live on Two Legs & Live on Ten Legs"

Haley, VP Product: Fleetwood Mac - "Rumours"

Garrett, Sales: Lionel Richie - "Can't Slow Down"

Justin, Developer: Tool - "Ænima"

Matt Urmy, Founder: Chopin’s Nocturnes played by Rachmaninoff

Bryan, Sales: Miles Davis - "Kind of Blue"

Grant, Sales: The Beatles - "Magical Mystery Tour"

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