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Cash Flow, Simplified.

Get cash for your music business based on confirmed tour guarantees. It’s that simple. No more struggling to find tour support.  No more giving up rights and equity in exchange for an advance. Artist Growth and Pinnacle Financial Partners have joined together to bring our industry the most artist-friendly and streamlined access to capital for live entertainers. 


How It Works

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Is there a limit to how much money we can access?
Yes. The amount an artist can borrow is based on the number of contracted shows on their calendar, and the size of the guarantees associated with them. Our goal is to enable artists to keep their business moving forward, without costly alternatives or dipping into personal savings. We see ourselves as part of our clients’ teams, and the health of their business matters to us.

How is this different than getting a normal bank loan?
This program is designed specifically for performing entertainers. The underwriting of loans is done against tour guarantees. This means you can get a loan quickly, without needing to submit personal financials. Quick. Easy. Transparent.

What can we use the money for?
Buy new touring vehicles. Put down a deposit on merch inventory. Pay for musicians and studio time. Lease more production gear. Basically anything related to growing your music business.   

What does it cost?
An annual subscription to Artist Growth plus the loan interest and fees. The loans are based on competitive interest rates and are reflective of the stage of a performer’s career.

Do I need an agent?
Yes. At this point, the approved agents are WME, Paradigm, UTA, CAA and Billions. More agencies are being approved on an ongoing basis.

Will you finance any size tour?
Yes, assuming you have an approved agent and a business manager who can demonstrate your tour business viability.

What are loan amounts based on?
Loan amounts are based on a percentage of guaranteed tour revenues, up to 18 months into the future. Repayment terms coincide with performance schedule. Rates, terms, and availability are determined by Pinnacle Financial Partners at the time of application.