What are the benefits of adding an agency booking integration with my Artist Growth account?

  1. No more logging into your agency’s booking system every time you want to get an update on one of your artist’s tour bookings

  2. No more waiting for your agent to send you deal memos and venue information  

  3. No more calling to texting your agent for updates

What does it mean to have an agency integration with my Artist Growth account?

Most music booking agencies have their own internal system for tracking artists’ tentative and confirmed event information, including engagement notes, guarantees, venue information, and more. We have created integrations between the Artist Growth tour management software and these agency booking systems, so that event information can be updated automatically in Artist Growth. This way, tour bookings are available in one central location coupled with tour events and logistics for all team members to see in real-time across devices and locations.

How does this apply to a manager with a roster of artists?

As a manager, you can have all your artists’ tour calendars and logistics tracked in Artist Growth, as your one central roster tour management application. Each artist would have their own integration with their agency's booking system.

What if we’re a single band with one tour?

You should expect the same benefits. The only difference is you’re using a single instance of Artist Growth tour management. But your account would receive the same level of information about your bookings, deal info, and venue information. And with real-time notifications, you will be alerted every time there’s a change in any of the event details.

What kind of information is piped in from my agency?

Basically we are able to receive any data that your agency is able to push through our product integration. Currently, typical data includes deal memo notes, venue information and capacity, ticket scaling guarantee, buyer contact info, show financials and merch cuts.

What agencies are currently integrated?

William Morris Endeavor is fully integrated. We have two more major agencies in the process of being integrated and we will announce them when ready.  We also have a manual process for bulk-uploading your bookings. This process requires your agent to download your booking information into a CSV template, which we would upload into your account. Contact one of our tour management specialists for more details.