Artist Growth FAQ

Quick answers to the most common questions.


Who uses Artist Growth?

Our clients range from arena-level acts who are making hundreds of millions a year in revenue and have 200+ people on their teams, mid-level bands that are touring their butts off to break into the industry, and small indie bands that are still in startup mode.

Artists at Vector Management, Red Light Management, William Morris Endeavour, Maverick, Universal Music Group, Sony Music Group, Warner Music Group, and countless other companies use Artist Growth every day.

Do you have a mobile app?

Yes. We have both Android and iOS apps. You can manage of your event data from your mobile device.

Can I use AG offline?

Yep! You can access and edit data without wifi or a data signal via the mobile apps. As soon as you're back online, your data will sync to our cloud and update your account for everyone to access. In order to use AG via a web browser like Chrome or Safari, you'll have to have a wifi or data signal.

How does pricing work?

Currently, we are transitioning our platform to an entirely new payment system.  While we are transitioning to our new payment provider, you can get info about Artist Growth pricing on our website, here. In the meantime, we can help you get up and running on Artist Growth. Just shoot an email to: and we'll get you going. 

I currently use Master Tour. Is Artist Growth the same thing?

Well, the short answer is: No. While AG does have the same features as Master Tour (i.e.- daysheets, travel data, routing calendars, etc.), we are different in many ways.

  • Our system is a truly cloud-based
  • Your whole team can be logged in at the same time, and updates to data are available in real-time
  • We offer an integrated merch management tool
  • Our Finances tool provides expense and revenue tracking and reporting
  • Our API integrations with 3rd parties help eliminate manual data entry

Is your Merch feature the same as atVenu?

Well...yes, and no. As far as managing your inventory, nightly counts, and automated settlements.. it's exactly like atVenu. What we don't do is all of the algorithmic predictions, etc. that atVenu has in their "Merch IQ" tier. Also, currently Soundscan has an exclusive deal with atVenu for sales submissions.

But, the math still works in your favor: The monthly payment to use atVenu to submit to Soundscan is $10. Their monthly fee for the counts & settlement feature is $60/mo PER USER. The merch features in AG are included in your subscription, so even if you still pay them $10/mo to submit to still save money by using AG for your counts and settlement.

Who owns my data once it's entered in Artist Growth?

You do. End of story. It's your business, it's your data. We don't sell it or share it. We lock it down and keep it safe and accessible for you.


Need help with using Artist Growth? Check out the knowledge base at 
Still have questions?  Email Us and we'll try to get them answered!